What is a Micro Bully and Where to Get One for Sale


A micro bully is also known as a pocket bully or a micro American Bully.. It is a new breed of dog that has recently become quite popular. It refers to the smallest American Bully breed that shares quite a number of characteristics with their larger fellow breeds. In this guide we will know what a micro pocket bully is and where to get a micro bully for sale.

What is a Micro Bully


In the 1990s, first Micro bullies were first bred in the United States. The breeder’s goal was to breed a smaller version of an American Pit Bull Terrier by breeding smaller pit bulls that were chosen selectively. They had a vision of creating a dog that appeared smaller than the ordinary type yet more muscular and more affable in nature.

Richard Barajas was the pioneer in breeding micro bullies from West Side Kennels. His thoughts about this first visit occurred to him when he was in Los Angeles, California. He used three canines which were American Pit Bull Terriers plus American Staffordshire Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers with intention to start up the base for creation of micro pocket bully dogs. With time there would emerge other breeders who came up with more ideas on how they could achieve what he had done but slightly differently. Hence giving rise to multiple variations with different traits within this new breed category created then.  As time went by it developed into its kind only after several years had passed by means of back-cross breeding techniques.

Physical Characteristics

The smaller versions of the bulldog have an appearance that is almost the same as that of the big ones except that they are in mini size. Most of the dogs normally weigh between 25 to 45 pounds and are approximately 13-17 inches tall at the height of their shoulders. A micro bully has a large, square head with a wide skull and a fair-chopped face ended by strong jaws. Its neck is shorter in length than its head circumference which makes it look more muscular than heavy ones hence closer in size compared to type one above. Its denseness is neither fine nor smooth but rather broad-chested. It has big muscles and thick bones.

This bully breed comes in various colors such as blue, black, chocolate, lilac, fawn, and brindle. Additionally, they can have different coat patterns such as solid, piebald, tri-color and merle. Moreover, it is short haired and smooth.’

Personality Traits

Micro bullies may look scary but they have one main characteristic. They are very friendly and affectionate characters. They love human companionship and are loyal friends who can’t live without you. These friendly animals enjoy having fun with everyone from children to old people and they are happy to be surrounded by us. If they grow up in good conditions at an early stage then other domestic animals will be accepted by them easily.

These dogs are clever with a desire to please which makes them easy to train but they could be stubborn too. Proper training and supervision is a must around small animals because they have a strong desire to catch prey.

Care and Maintenance

Any other breed’s care and maintenance can be matched with this breed of dog. They should shed only to a moderate degree at any time because their coats are short. In their skin, the natural oil gets evenly spread; this is a result of brushing them often with a soft brush.

These dogs are very energetic and need a lot of exercise daily to keep them psychologically and mentally engaged. Walking or jogging around the block, playing within a fenced yard, or interactive toys assist in fulfilling their high activity levels.

Health Concerns

Similar to other breeds, these breeds experience specific health complications like hip dysplasia, skin allergies, and eye problems. One should select well-established breeders and also observe regular vet check-ups in order to guarantee general health and fitness.

Where to Get A Healthy Micro Bully for Sale

American Bully Farm has many bully breeds. They are known for their special breeding practice. If you are looking for a micro bully for sale, you can visit their website. 



Micro bullies differ greatly in size, according to different breeders’ views, but they are perfect pets for active people regardless of this variation. In the event that they would be appropriately trained, socialized and cared for; the canines would prove to be very affectionate pets. But you should always keep in mind that having a pet is a task that brings about responsibility; because owning one means giving them all your attention and affection. You should do your homework before deciding to get a micro pocket bully dog and be certain that you will be dedicated enough before having one at your place. Just like other pets, a micro bully that is cared for appropriately contributes positively towards adding value to life through friendship among others.


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