Is a Bernedoodle a good house dog?


Bernedoodles, a crossbreed between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle, are known for their friendly, affectionate, and intelligent nature. They can make excellent house dogs for many reasons, but whether they are a good fit depends on several factors that potential owners should consider.

Temperament and Personality

  1. Affectionate and Loyal: Bernedoodles are known for their loving and loyal nature. They enjoy spending time with their families and are often described as being great companions. Their friendly disposition makes them good with children and other pets.
  2. Intelligent and Trainable: Thanks to their Poodle lineage, Bernedoodles are highly intelligent and respond well to training. They are eager to please, which makes them relatively easy to train using positive reinforcement techniques.
  3. Playful and Energetic: Bernedoodles have a playful nature and enjoy various activities. They can be quite energetic, especially as puppies, which means they need regular exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy.

Size and Space Requirements

  1. Size Variability: Bernedoodles come in different sizes, including standard, miniature, and toy, depending on the size of the Poodle parent. Standard Bernedoodles can be quite large, weighing between 70-90 pounds or more, while miniature and toy Bernedoodles are smaller.
  2. Space Needs: While Bernedoodles can adapt to living in apartments or smaller homes, they thrive in environments where they have space to move around and play. A yard or access to nearby parks can be beneficial for meeting their exercise needs.

Grooming and Maintenance

  1. Coat Care: Bernedoodles typically have wavy or curly coats that can vary in texture. Regular grooming is essential to prevent matting and keep their coat healthy. They may require professional grooming every few months, in addition to regular brushing at home.
  2. Low Shedding: One of the appealing traits of Bernedoodles is that they tend to shed less than many other breeds, thanks to their Poodle heritage. This makes them a good choice for people with mild allergies, although no dog is completely hypoallergenic.

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Health and Longevity

  1. Hybrid Vigor: Bernedoodles can benefit from hybrid vigor, which means they might be healthier than their purebred parents due to the mixing of genes. However, they can still be prone to some health issues, including hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and certain genetic conditions.
  2. Regular Vet Care: Regular veterinary check-ups and a healthy diet are essential to keep a Bernedoodle in good condition. Ensuring they receive appropriate vaccinations, parasite prevention, and dental care is also crucial.

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Compatibility with Family Lifestyle

  1. Family-Friendly: Bernedoodles are generally excellent with children and can be very gentle and patient. Their playful and affectionate nature makes them well-suited for family life.
  2. Exercise Needs: Potential owners should be prepared to meet the exercise needs of a Bernedoodle. Daily walks, playtime, and mental stimulation are important to prevent boredom and associated behavioral issues.


Bernedoodles can be wonderful house dogs, offering a blend of affection, intelligence, and playfulness. Their suitability as a house pet depends on the owner’s ability to meet their exercise, grooming, and socialization needs. With proper care and attention, a Bernedoodle can be a loyal and loving addition to the family. Potential owners should consider their living space, lifestyle, and commitment to meeting the dog’s needs before bringing a Bernedoodle into their home.

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