A Comprehensive Guide on Bioactive Enclosures For Dart Frogs


A bioactive enclosure is created by creating an ecosystem that supports itself. This method provides the frogs with a habitat similar to the one they were born in, thus eliminating the routine cleaning and maintenance requirement. This detailed manual will guide you through building a bioactive enclosures for dart frogs.

Selecting Appropriate Closure

Consider the size and type of the dartfrogs you are housing when selecting the right enclosure. The space must be large enough to allow natural behaviours and patterns of movement. Glass or acrylic terrariums that are adequately ventilated are one option.

The Substratum Is Crucial

Substrates play a vital role in plant growth and the breakdown of waste. You can achieve best results by using a mixture of substrates. Establishing effective drainage will help to minimize the risk of waterlogging.

The Drainage Layer

A layer of hydro-balls, or gravel peas, is recommended at the base to help promote efficient drainage and prevent water from accumulating. A proper drainage system is crucial to maintaining an interior atmosphere.

False Bottom

Over the drainage, you should place a mesh screen or plastic sheet to divide the two layers. This device prevents the mixing of the drain layer with the substrate.

Layers And Substrates

Use organic substrates like leaf litter, coconut coir, or sphagnum to improve the substrate’s composition. The layer above will help in the growth of plants, hide organic waste, and provide concealment.

The Presence Or Absence Of Plants

It would help if you chose plants for your bioactive enclosures to ensure the safety and health of the dart frogs. Within an enclosure, plants offer several benefits. These include providing protection, providing climbing opportunities and enhancing overall appearance. Some suitable species to consider include ferns. Use the above tips to design the perfect enclosure.

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