How Often Is It Necessary To Wash Your Furry Companion?


Unlike humans, dogs do not require a bath every day. The main reason for avoiding daily bathing is to prevent the stripping of natural oil from their fur coat. Over-bathing your furry companion can cause their skin to become dry and flaky. Pet dogs are more likely to experience irritation because of skin dryness. 

Take your furry friend to a place well-known for dog grooming Singapore to witness how to use shampoo while washing. Expert dog groomers apply the proper technique to ensure your four-legged companion looks clean and smells fresh. 

Factors that Determine the Dog Bathing Frequency

Many used to believe that bathing a pet dog only once every month was appropriate. This is a misconception because the bathing frequency depends on these factors.

Breed of the Dog and Type of Fur Coat

The bathing frequency on a monthly basis varies based on dog breeds and the types of hair coat. Golden Retrievers or Huskies are double-coated breeds, which is why bathing them thrice a month is sufficient. On the other hand, Dobermans or Beagles have a single coat, requiring at least three to six baths every month. 

The Level of Activity

Your pup will require bathing more often if it is playful and enjoys rolling whenever it finds a muddy place. Frequent bathing is not necessary for pet dogs that hardly get out of the couch. So, the bathing frequency depends on a dog’s activity level.

Remember that if your dog has sensitive skin or is prone to allergic problems, avoid frequent bathing. The canine companion’s skin will become drier, and the irritation will be more if you bathe it frequently. An expert pet grooming service provider will make you aware of the same if you consult.

Your objective should be to ensure your furry friend remains clean between bathing sessions. If you find a doggy odour, dirt all over its body, or a greasy coat, your dog requires a bath. Use the appropriate shampoo while you bathe it, or else take it to the best dog groomer. Expert groomers know how to make your dog’s bath time a delightful experience. 


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